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This is the 2nd video in the WorldWide Bone project that Brendan and I started last year. We had a blast doing the first duet, so Brendan decided to write another one...and, it's harder than the first one! Enjoy!

Australian composer and trombonist Brendan Collins wrote a second jazz duet for the WorldWide Bone project. We had such a great time making the first one that I couldn't resist doing another! This video covers how we go about producing duet videos from opposite sides of the globe!

In May of 2015, two trombonists met at a trumpet workshop, no less... They knew their lives had reached a new low, hanging around trumpeters and such... They decided they MUST. TAKE. ACTION.

Introducing.... WORLDWIDE BONE

Oz meets Texas

Composer and trombonist Brendan Collins

Trombonist Chris Clark

Brendan Collins: Jazz Duet No. 1

One of my guiding principals is the ability to say NO to things that don't make me go, "HELL YES!!!" Let's discuss it! Do you have guidelines you use for committing to projects and things that people approach you about being a part of?
One of my pet peeves is assumptions people make about "talent". I think most of the world is wrong about what constitutes talent, or "natural ability". Behind every success lies hours of grit and hard work. Comments welcome - let me know your experience!

In this vlog, I discuss the value of finding people in our lives that can give us constructive, and honest feedback. One of the greatest assets of my life are the people who's opinion, and advice, I value.

I have continued my fan-boy love of Logic Pro X and have been using the Klopfgeist for some fun (at least, more fun than normal) long tone practice... Here's the first video in my Logic Pro klopfgeist series!  

I just had the chance to make a recording of new friend and Australian composer Brendan Collins' trombone quartet, Two Motets!

We played a very enjoyable piece and recital last night for the Composer's Society of Montgomery County.  The piece, Danse Macabre, is by Jeffrey Bauer and is available from Balquhidder Music.

We have had, uh, a lot of time at home over the past few days while waiting for the big winter storm to pass.  We only got about 20" at our house, but it was enough to keep us inside for a couple of days, and now we are out and enjoying it!  

Valor Brass recorded a few tunes this past summer for fun - here's one we haven't necessarily put up on our site yet... We have always loved programming Ludwig Mauer's Three Pieces... This is a great piece for a strong high school or college quintet, and we program it quite often on recitals. The Mauer is a great vehicle for young players to learn the fundamentals of ensemble playing. Enjoy and please share!

This recording is Dr. Neill Humfeld performing Tommy Pederson't COGENT CAPRICE at the 1974 Texas Music Educators' Association convention, accompanied by the East Texas State University trombone choir.  

Here's my latest home recording project - a setting of the German carol Still, Still, Still that is one of my favorites

In the following audio clip, I perform the Bohme etude for this year's Texas ATSSB trombone auditions.  Leave questions in the comments!

In the following audio clip, I perform the Gatti etude for this year's Texas ATSSB trombone auditions.  Leave questions in the comments!

Valor Brass trumpeter, Michael Mergen, created a fantastic brass quintet arrangement of Bach's Fantasia in G Major for organ. We wanted everyone to hear Michael's arrangement, as well as come up with a fun project to work on this summer. We hope you enjoy!  You can hear more from Valor Brass at our website.

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