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Lesson Guidelines for Skype meetups

While the title may seem pretty elementary to some of you, there are a few things I'd like to offer to make this whole trombone-via-satellite thing work a little smoother for both of us. First of all, you are paying for a set amount of time.  Please don't feel like once the connection starts that we are in a race to cram everything in.  I am not a slave to the clock and I'm not going to cut you off mid-phrase and hit "hang up"!  I want you to get out of this what you need!

I would suggest for our first lesson, let's meet for an hour.  That gives us both time to get to know each other, talk about your goals, do some playing, and see where you want to go.  Few things in music are a "quick fix"!

One of the most difficult things for me with lessons has always been remembering what my teacher said when I'm practicing on my own a week or so after I had the actual lesson.  Taking notes is great, but having a recording of the lesson is even better!  I will record your lesson, however long, and email you the recording when we are done for you to review during your practice sessions.  I will also include a short review summary file for when you are pressed for time and only have a few minutes to practice.

Parents, you may (and you should!) be wary of your son or daughter meeting up with a stranger via Skype for trombone lessons.  After all, you don't know me, and I don't know you!  I highly encourage parents to sit and watch the lesson, or to at least view the recording after we meet.  Parent involvement is a huge part of a young person's advancement on their instrument!  I am happy to email parents and let you know when your young person has completed their lesson.

Some things you DO NEED to have ready when we connect:

Skype account and user name

Warm up:  nothing wastes lesson time more than not being warmed up!  If you need help with a warm up, then our first lesson should probably address that!

Pencil: of course

Metronome - I love the app Tonal Energy Tuner for iPhone.  It is a very comprehensive app, including a metronome, tuner, and recording feature that is very handy.

The music that you want to work on: pretty obvious, huh?  I am here for YOU.  Bring your favorite piece, greatest fear, musical future, technical problem, or just latest ensemble parts... But bring what YOU want to work on!

Thanks very much for taking the leap!  I look forward to making music together!

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